Kicking Services

Kicking 4 Clubs

Kicking is rarely coached properly at grass roots clubs and this is something I aim to change. Coaching on how, why and when to kick out of hand. Also a lot of focus on kicking at goal.

Team Session

To understand why we kick the whole team needs to be on the same page. Looking at kicking strategies and how kicking can be used to gain an advantage over the opposition is covered in theses sessions.


Opportunity for players to join a group of players dedicated to kicking. A variety of memberships are on offer, with benefits such as 1to1 sessions, video analysis and free entry to Kicking with Rob sessions. 

Introduction to Kicking

For the younger teams who are starting to add kicking to their game. These sessions are valuable to understand how to kick, but the main objective is to understand when and where kicking can be used.


Wether it be a 1 off session or sessions planned throughout the season. Specific to the players needs with video analysis to help understand your kicking process.

Coach the Coach

As mentioned before kicking is very rarely coached at grass roots level. An opportunity for an individual or a group of coaches to learn the basics of kicking in Rugby.


If you are interested in any of the services above for yourself, team, club or school then please fill in the form below.

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